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As well as providing a fresh new modern interface, Datafile 2016 has been developed with existing end user clients in mind ensuring compatibility is kept with all settings and customizations made in Datafile v6.

1. Landing Pages

All standard modules now have Landing Pages. These have been designed so that key information is accessible with a minimum of clicks. The content of these landing pages can be customised to show any field from the application database and configured to sort and filter the landing page view.

Key Benefit - Quicker Access to Records.

3. Definable Toolbars

Each standard module now displays a Toolbar on the Landing Page. This Toolbar can be configured to access up to 20 functions either for the highlighted record on the Landing Page or any other batch type operation. An example of this may be to Update the highlighted account or call the standard Update Account routine which then prompts for an Account Code.

Key Benefit - Quicker Access to Functions.

5. Business Alerts

Business alerts can be set in any module or database table and on any data field within the Datafile system.

An email or Notepad Log can be triggered when an event occurs such as an Account being placed On Stop or a Balance exceeding a Credit Limit. These have been further developed to track changes to data item values that if a value is changed e.g. a Credit Limit then the alert or log is triggered also.

Key Benefit - Notification of Business Events / Greater Auditability.

7. Rule Based Data Items

Another system wide feature built into this new release is the facility to create data items that are automatically updated based on rules set in the Selection Criteria. Examples of these could include to set the system to display and store "Out of Stock" against a Stock item where the Physical value is zero or "Awaiting Dispatch" against a Sales Order that hasn’t yet been processed. These values change dynamically according to the rules set and are available for display in Enquiry screens as well as in Reports.

Key Benefit - Clearer Display of an Account Status.

2. Definable Colour Coding

Within the Landing Pages on all standard modules there is the facility to apply rule based colour coding to records by using Selection Criteria. For example, a red highlight may mean that a customer account is on stop. A blue highlight could be used if the credit limit has been exceeded.

Key Benefit - Highlight Exceptions.

4. Windows Look and Feel

The new version has been designed to use the familiar layouts found in other Windows applications.

We’ve adopted the Windows Explorer style tree for quicker menu navigation and the Microsoft Office ribbon to replace our Desktop Toolbar making options easier to find.

Key Benefit - Standardised Navigation as with Microsoft Products.


The system can now be configured to allow transactions generated in other ledgers to update the Nominal Ledger in real time ensuring that all Profit and Loss and Balance sheet values are kept in synch without the need to run periodic update routines.

Key Benefit - Reduction in Period End Processing.


A number of smaller enhancements have been made to the Order Processing and Stock Control modules to provide better visibility of Order Status, and improved Price Matrix handling. As with all new functional features in the system these can be switched on or off as required through the Application Manager.

More functional enhancements will be added in future through the Datafile GOLD Software Maintenance updates and these will be driven by feedback and requests from our Partners and End User clients.

We also plan to release more new modules covering CRM and Task Management as well as providing tighter links to Microsoft Office and SQL. These will only be available in the Datafile 2014 version


Datafile is normally chosen by End User clients for its flexibility and ease of customisation. Every business using Datafile is different.

Datafile 2014 has been written to ensure that the process of moving to this new version is as slick, seamless and cost effective as possible.

None of the core business processes have currently been changed and therefore only minimal training is required to use. In addition any customization’s and parameter settings that exist in a client’s Version 6 system are automatically brought across ensuring that there’s no re-work involved.