So you've made the decision that something needs to change but what next?

Servat offer honest & expert advice, with no obligation, for business people who recognise the need for change.

Before implementing and investing in a new product it is vital for both the customer & Servat to fully understand the methods, processes and needs of your business. By mapping these processes & appreciating your reasons for change we can start to put together a plan to discuss the options you have.


Following your Initial Consultation, Servat will demo suitable systems, and where possible, allow you to, ‘try before you buy’. We encourage this so that we can work together to be sure that this is the right product for your business.

Data Migration

Too busy? Not technical? Don’t want the worry of losing data? 
Servat offer expertise to help migrate your current system and data to your chosen product. This can be done remotely, with telephone support or onsite.

Project Planning

Servat will put in place timescales and costings so that you can be confident of when the job will be done and with no hidden costs. You will be given a job reference number and be in contact with the same person from start to finish.

Bespoke Modifications

Very rarely will one product ‘fit all’, therefore bespoke modifications are somewhat necessary for most businesses. 
Servat have been modifying and improving existing systems for over 20 years.