Datafile’s flexibility and adaptability means that you only need to have the modules specific to your business. You can mix and match modules to suit your order processing, accounting and personnel requirements.

We can offer special bundles of modules for easier choice and modules can be added at any time to reflect the ever changing and developing business environment.

Datafile gives you full control and visibility. You can set limits for your team spend or quote without authorisation. You can customise reports and with the handy SQL module, export them into Excel - which will update in real-time; see the changes as they happen!

Datafile is also suited to export / import companies as it can handle multiple currencies. Additionally a group of companies can be run from the same system.

Servat offer full installation, training and support packages. Using our consultants’ 25 years experience, we will support you and your business needs to ensure you get the most out of your system.

Overview of some of the most popular Modules:

Sales Ledger:

The Datafile Sales Ledger is designed to meet a wide range of needs whilst retaining ease of use. The Sales Ledger has an account for each customer and each customer carries all the transactions for that customer – their sales invoices, credit notes and payments received – together with an extensive reporting suite to allow you to analyse your sales and customers and assist with planning and decision making.


Works Order Processing, also known as Bill of Materials, is an application designed for companies that manufacture or assemble products for customers and for stock. However, different companies will have widely differing requirements, and the application is therefore highly user-configurable whilst retaining simplicity of use.

Purchase Ledger:

Keep all the transactions purchase invoices, credit notes and payments securely under each supplier. You can also use the range of reports to assist with planning and decision making.


Contract, or Job Costing allows for the tracking of costs associated with a specific contract with a customer. Costs can be grouped under sub categories such as material costs, labour, direct expenses, overheads or sub-contractor costs.

Budgets can be assigned to the contract as a whole or analysed to the different categories. Committed Costs, Actual Costs and Revenues are all updated from the Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, Stock Control and Timesheet systems in real time allowing for comparisons between budgets and actual costs.

Nominal Ledger:

The Datafile Nominal Ledger is the backbone of the Datafile Accounting and Management Information System. The Nominal Ledger, sometimes known as the General Ledger, is the main accounting record for your business having accounts for current and fixed assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses, gains and losses.

Sales Order Processing and Purchase order processing (2 separate modules):

Sales and purchase Order Processing are important operations for any company, but the requirements can differ widely from one company to another. One company may have stock, another not; one company may wish to process orders individually, another in a batch; one may print acknowledgements and delivery notes but email invoices, another may combine its delivery note and invoice processing.


The Datafile Payroll application can either be used on its own or as an integral part of your Accounts and Management software with links to the Nominal Ledger for accumulating employee costs, and Job Costing for the accumulation of posted timesheets to the employee for salary calculations. Always subject to HMRC compliance and legislative changes – users are kept up-to-date via the Gold Software Maintenance plan.


Control over stock is an extremely important aspect for any company whose revenue depends on manufacturing and/or selling goods. A considerable proportion of a company’s capital base may be invested in stock and the valuation of stock can make a huge difference in profitability. The Datafile Stock Control application is designed to meet a wide range of requirements whilst retaining the ease of use of the best systems.