When you need support, we respond quickly. 
If you have a situation that requires support, Servat understand that your system needs to be up and running smoothly, efficiently and effectively. We will be on standby when you have a project or development in progress.


We can often resolve issues over the internet with remote access. This saves you time, and cuts site visit costs. With straight forward problems we can demonstrate on your screen how to resolve the issue another time.

Telephone Support

We are only a call away if you find yourself unsure of the software, have an error or simply need some extra advice on products and services. When you call us, we will assist you promptly using telephone, remote access or a site visit.

On Site Support

Sometimes a site visit is necessary to resolve a problem or train you to use the software functions and features. We understand that sometimes its best to just do things together or see the problem for ourselves.


We have downloads available for license holders to use, these include updates, software documentation and tutorials. You can request that new downloads are added if you need something specific.


We all know how often new issues of upgrades occur and sometimes this can get repetitive. We offer to do this for you if you prefer. Alternatively we can talk you through the process over the phone. See more about upgrades >