What is Document Management?

Document Management is the computerised storage of business documents and files. These come from various sources: scanned documents, emails, Word and Excel files and any other computer file. By clever indexing, these documents can quickly be searched and retrieved. Servat have developed an interface link between File Stream and Datafile.

What does File Stream do?

  • File Stream has the ability to handle large and complex flows of information quickly and efficiently. This is often the factor that generates and propels a successful business.
  • Paper documents, once scanned into the system, can only be viewed by staff authorised to see them.
  • File Steam is the solution to Document Management.   Paperwork can be transferred to electronic documents and sorts existing computer files. It efficiently manages them within an organised and planned system.
  • Traditional methods of handling paperwork and electronic files do not allow staff the quick information access that modern business practice demands. In addition, paper records are vulnerable to misfiling, loss, and destruction – accidental or otherwise.

Once in the system, these electronic images can be:

  • Sent to other workstations or offices
  • E-mailed, faxed or printed
  • Attached/appended to other documents
  • Edited, e.g. the addition of an electronic “paid” stamp, signature or comment
  • Saved and indexed with suitable criteria so that they can be retrieved using a simple search.
  • Used for archiving for secure long-term storage & business continuity planning.

This case study that focuses on File Stream and can demonstrate the benefits.
The Case Study looks into Laser Expertise Ltd. 


If your interested in File Stream and what it can do for your company then please contact Servat.