What is DataSquirrel Back-up?

DataSquirrel is extremely efficient and professional online backup. Tuned for Datafile and perfect for all business systems. DataSquirrel collects byte-size bits of your data. It copies, encrypts, compresses and transmits your data to secure storage.

DataSquirrel will not waste any time, it will only back up any changes made – all you have to do is retrieve your nuts if you need to. 

DataSquirrel can offer professional monitoring to check your back-up on a daily basis. It can then help advise about failures. It is then possible to assist remotely to make sure your data is safe and ready for next time you need it.  Available to backup a desktop or a server. 

Charged monthly or annually upfront. 

Technical details:

  • Backup Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD
  • Windows 7 tested
  • Backup all data, documents, images etc.
  • MS Exchange servers and databases
  • Open file backups
  • System state and registry
  • Remote control via web browser
  • Byte level backup using RSYNC algorithm
  • 64-448 bit encryption blowfish or triple DES
  • Replicates to Amazon S3 Cloud storage with 99.9% uptime availability

Direct Remote Backup over the Internet: 

You could deploy StoreGrid Backup Server in your own data center / co-lo and offer backup services to your business customers with client machines directly backing up over the Internet to a remote StoreGrid Backup Server Cluster. In this case, the StoreGrid Backup Server Cluster can be configured with a centralised storage system (for the backup data) which could be a NAS, SAN, private cloud storage or even public cloud storage.

Servat are partnered with DataSquirrel, we can offer guidance about the product and how it will work for your company. We can offer a customised quote, install it for you and in no time you'll be sitting back and letting your backups happen automatically.

Don't be put off by complex explanations about what happens to your data once you start using DataSquirrel, its honestly simpler than it sounds. We can squirrel away all your data for you so you don't need to worry!


Visit DataSquirrel.co.uk or talk to servat to get more information.